Friends Of Synergy : Dane Iorg

Every little boy who picks up a baseball bat dreams of winning the World Series someday. For Dane Iorg, this dream came true—twice. The NCAA All-American was a first-round draft pick in 1971. Dane then worked his way through the minors before becoming a part of the St. Louis Cardinals in 1977, and by 1981, he was leading the Cards with a .327 batting average.

In the next year’s World Series against Milwaukee, Dane batted an impressive .529, earning nine hits in 17 at-bats, en route to the Cardinal’s championship. Three years later, Dane found himself in the World Series again—this time playing for the Kansas City Royals and batting against his former team. Facing elimination in Game 6, Dane brought in the winning runs to keep the series alive. The Royals won Game 7, and Dane earned his second World Series ring.

Many years later, Dane’s professional baseball days were over and the retired athlete was out of shape. In 2001, he was overweight, always tired and his body hurt.

“I knew I needed to improve my health, so I started taking Synergy supplements. They’re the finest natural supplements you can take,” Dane says.

Now, Dane has lost over 30 pounds and has gained an abundance of energy. He takes the V3 System and Body Guard every day.

“My health continues to improve all the time,” he says. “I’ll never get off Synergy’s products.”

Additional Accomplisments :

  • NCAA All-American 1971
  • First-round draft pick 1971
  • Made it to the Major League 1977
  • Led St. Louis Cardinals in batting 1981
  • Batted .529 in the 1982 World Series
  • World Series Championship with the St. Louis Cardinals 1982
  • Game-winning hit in Game 6 of the 1985 World Series
  • World Series Championship with the Kansas City Royals 1985

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