Jordan Romero Summit Mt. Everest

He made it! Friend of Synergy, Jordan Romero, accomplished an unbelievable feat of being the youngest climber to summit Mt. Everest. At age 13, Jordan has reached the top of six of the world’s seven tallest peaks and most recently stood at 29,035 feet in the Himalayas. At the top of Mt. Everest he called his mom to let her know he had done it. What a phone call that must have been!

One in ten attempts to climb the world’s highest mountain ends in death, so few climbers can boast of this accomplishment. But Jordan was determined, and with the help of his dad and ProArgi-9 Plus, Jordan fulfilled the dream.

“My dad knows all the science of this stuff, but ProArgi-9 Plus every day in the mountains made me feel strong and brave,” Jordan recalled. “[When we climbed Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina,] there were people all around us sick from altitude and my dad said, ‘Trust me, this will help you get to the top.’ And he was right! I never had one problem with altitude sickness, which is amazing at 23,000 feet.”

When Jordan returns home from the Himalayas, we can learn how ProArgi-9 Plus helped him on this leg of his journey as well. The strengthening factors of l-arginine played a major role in Jordan’s ability to reach so many summits at such a young age. Congratulations, Jordan, on this absolutely incredible accomplishment!


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